Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

 alt='Awful. It’s only large enough for small dogs. It’s always over crowded (more than 15 dogs in that tiny space) and the'

Pops Dogs

4.3 from 29 reviews

Address 2101 E Hazzard St, Philadelphia, PA 19125

 alt='Just wanted to clear some things up for the people leaving one star reviews'

Cat park

4.3 from 15 reviews

Address 526 N Natrona St, Philadelphia, PA 19104

 alt='My previous dog walker closed her business and recommended Walk It Like A Dog'

Walk It Like A Dog

5 from 5 reviews

Address 525 S 4th St #366, Philadelphia, PA 19147

Phone Number +12158822358

 alt='As a dog walker and someone who enjoys getting out around the city, I wish we had more little parks like this'

Carpenter Green Park

4.3 from 16 reviews

Address 922 S 17th St, Philadelphia, PA 19146


5 from 1 reviews

Address 4324 Tackawanna St, Philadelphia, PA 19124

 alt='Our dog went to daycare at Philly Dog School Chestnut from 4 months old to 4 years old'

Dog School

4.6 from 9 reviews

Address 2049 Chestnut St, Philadelphia, PA 19103

Phone Number +12158210113

 alt='Pupkit Pet Services with Flavia is one of the best doggy day cares around'

Pupkit Pet Services

5 from 5 reviews

Address 862 Ronnie Ln, Philadelphia, PA 19128

Phone Number +16102356292

 alt='I can

The Dog Enthusiast

4.8 from 15 reviews

Address 1418 Wolf St, Philadelphia, PA 19145

 alt='Our secret place to go, very tranquil,nice place for my husband and I to recharge, decompress. '

Foot Bridge in Pennypack Park

4.9 from 37 reviews

Address Pennypack Trail, Philadelphia, PA 19136

 alt='Lemon Hill Park is beautiful. Whether you want to take a solo stroll or be accompanied by others, you’re sure to enjoy the'

Lemon Hill Park

4.8 from 12 reviews

Address Sedgley Dr &, N Lemon Hill Dr, Philadelphia, PA 19130

 alt='I think this place is a pretty nice place to hang around maybe play some ball, I think this place is definitely great for'

Karen Donnelly Park

4.1 from 11 reviews

Address 230 Dickinson St, Philadelphia, PA 19147

Phone Number +12159889334

 alt='Stefan took great care of my pooch while I was away for a week, and has a real knack for making friends with even the'

The Philly Dogwalker

5 from 11 reviews

Address 539 Carpenter Ln, Philadelphia, PA 19119

Phone Number +12677600452

 alt='Actually, our first time I

Diamond Park

4.2 from 21 reviews

Address 1740 W Diamond St, Philadelphia, PA 19121

 alt='I love it here, it is so private and hidden away. A cute quaint little park'

Thomas Hart Park

4.7 from 14 reviews

Address 1315 N 4th St, Philadelphia, PA 19122

 alt='Beautiful little park to chill at with beautiful flowers planted'

Ingersoll Park

4.5 from 12 reviews

Address 1300 N 16th St, Philadelphia, PA 19121

 alt='The park was clean when we arrived and there was another event going on with ours'

Wister’s Woods Park

4.4 from 27 reviews

Address 1911-1965 Belfield Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19144

 alt='Very peaceful. . . but on the small side. I had to ask a mail carrier if I was in the right place, and she didn

Howell Park

4.3 from 11 reviews

Address Greene St, Philadelphia, PA 19144

 alt='Nice trail system hope they add a connection to wissahickon park. '

Friends of Carpenter’s Woods

5 from 12 reviews

Address 726 W Sedgwick St, Philadelphia, PA 19119

 alt='Love the goal also a big cat fan can’t wait to come when your open'

Get A Gato

5 from 1 reviews

Address 638 Christian St, Philadelphia, PA 19147

 alt='Got 3 sweetest babies from this wonderful place. First of all, my rats have outstanding personalities'

Jah’s Rattery & Exotix

5 from 9 reviews

Address 6664 Tulip St, Philadelphia, PA 19135

Phone Number +14452268481

 alt='This is not the location of a dog trainer, it

International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants

4.5 from 4 reviews

Address 1800 John F Kennedy Blvd Ste. 300 PMB 95313, Philadelphia, PA 19103

Phone Number +14848431091

The Pet Den

5 from 2 reviews

Address 3148 Rawle St, Philadelphia, PA 19149

Phone Number +12155545080

 alt='Amin and the TopDawg team are top-notch; highly recommend! I usually go to their Federal St location as it’s closer to me,'

TopDawg Groomer

5 from 1 reviews

Address 1558 N 29th St, Philadelphia, PA 19121

Phone Number +12676333100

 alt='Best pet sitter ever! Highly recommend for every occasion! My pets are so happy to see her every time!'

Fishtown Furbabies

5 from 11 reviews

Address 2318 Cedar St, Philadelphia, PA 19125

 alt='Amazingly wonderful dog walking service- their rates are reasonable, schedules flexible, and they even come to your home to'

Philly Bow Wow Dog Walking and Pet Care LLC

5 from 2 reviews

Address Philadelphia, PA 19125

Phone Number +19738795598

 alt='She was absolutely wonderful to work with. If it wasn’t for her and her knowledge our dog may have hurt one of our cats'

SoozyPooch LLC

5 from 8 reviews

Address 800 N 2nd St Suite 199, Philadelphia, PA 19123

Phone Number +17172016290

 alt='The dog walker is Great, easy to work with and a joy to see how our doodle relates to her. '

Your dog's best friend

5 from 1 reviews

Address 1500 Womrath St, Philadelphia, PA 19124

 alt='Très bien, je suis content d

juicys Dog Boutique

5 from 1 reviews

Address 2971, Philadelphia, PA 19141

Phone Number +12677563591

 alt='Although my pet didn

PetSmart Grooming

5 from 5 reviews

Address 4640-60 E Roosevelt Blvd, Philadelphia, PA 19124

Phone Number +12157439602


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