Hunting Park

4.2 from 1791 reviews

Address 900 W Hunting Park Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19140

Phone Number +12673432363

Description "Clean outs and dumping out trash and clean ups"

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What People Think

"Big park w/lots of room for gatherings and parking and well maintained."

"It's my home town I'm a North Philly girl"

Business Hours
Monday:13:00PM - 19:00PMTuesday:13:00PM - 19:00PMWednesday:13:00PM - 19:00PMThursday:13:00PM - 19:00PMFriday:13:00PM - 19:00PMSaturday:12:00PM - 17:00PMSunday:12:00PM - 17:00PM


  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot


  • Baseball field
  • Basketball court
  • Has a tennis court
  • Picnic tables
  • Public restroom
  • Slides
  • Swings


  • Good for kids
  • Good for kids birthday
  • Playground


  • Dogs allowed

Jasmine Rios

17 Jun 2023
We went bc the pool open for the first time it was nice & clean but the lifeguards on duty was rude yelling too much and I can see this being an issue at some point.... They close at 7pm made us get out at 630 and the old man working there yelling way too much at the kids rushing everyone out... We went again today there was no school bc of election day & the weather was nice I rate a 3 bc the parked smelled so bad today like dog poop so strong the play area was okay but a lot of people in the neighborhood leave all their trash behind it's a shame what we do to our own areas play area needs to be updated the bench to sit on was missing pieces I had to sit on the edge but I had my own chair thankfully . Ice cream truck is always around so that's great but never a bathroom available if it is open it's THE DIRTYEST thing homeless or the street walkers use it it's not safe for kids need more cops or park rangers in this park
Ricardo Caro

23 Apr 2024
Beautuful and quiet place,,nice and easy hiking.
Anwar M Hossain

02 Apr 2024
Hunting Park in Philadelphia is a vibrant neighborhood with a rich history and a strong sense of community. The area is anchored by the expansive 87-acre park of the same name, which serves as a green oasis in North Philadelphia. Known for its lush open spaces, the park features a variety of recreational facilities, including playgrounds, a swimming pool, soccer courts, tennis and basketball courts, and sports fields. The neighborhood surrounding the park is a tapestry of cultural diversity, primarily made up of Puerto Ricans, Dominicans, and African Americans, as reflected in the 2010 Census. Hunting Park’s community has been proactive in revitalizing the area, striving to reduce crime and improve the quality of life for its residents. This neighborhood, with its historic homes and active civic associations, represents the resilience and potential of urban communities in Philadelphia.
Diego Sales

01 May 2024
Very good 😃
Erica Miller

30 Apr 2024
My children are football basketball players and cheerleaders the record center offers things for kids to do of course there are registration fees for football and cheerleaders but the all girls basketball team is nonprofit
Kwabena Oduro

10 Dec 2023
It really depends on what day it is. Hunting Park is a place to just chill out in your parked car listening to music on Saturday afternoon. if you have a mini grill you " lightweight BBQ". There are spots around the park that have tables and gazebo to shield you from the rain. however depending on what day it is there is "an undesired element" wandering around the park. but they keep to themselves.

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