Top Playground in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

 alt='Nice park, has basketball court, baseball field and soccer field and a playground for the little ones'

Thomas Holme Playground

4 from 157 reviews

Address 9152 Academy Rd, Philadelphia, PA 19114

Phone Number +12156858793

Categories Park, Playground

"Clean and place in good condition"
"Good teachers nice learning environment"

People typically spend up to 1.5 hours here

Sacks Playground

4 from 130 reviews

Address 400 Washington Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19147

Phone Number +12156851889

Categories Playground, Baseball field, Basketball court, Park, Swimming pool

"There are too few children's amusement facilities, and they are all outdated"
"Dont really like the park because their isnt much to do but love their pool!!!"

People typically spend 15-45 min here

 alt='This is a carry in/carry out (no trash cans) playground in Queen Village, that is unlocked from morning to dusk for the'

Weccacoe Playground

4.4 from 88 reviews

Address 400 Catharine St, Philadelphia, PA 19147

Phone Number +12156851887

Categories Playground, Park, Tennis court

"Nice park but needs trash cans"
"Very good since its remodel but oddly there are no garbage cans."

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