Top Dog Park in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

 alt='The dogs had a blast running around and even made a new friend. There were plenty of benches to sit on and the park was'

Penn's Landing Dog Park

4.4 from 416 reviews

Address 1 N Delaware Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19106

Categories Dog park

"Nice experience, but parking price is outrageous."
"Not nearly enough room for even my small dog"

 alt='At first it was very overwhelming with all the people there, and it was a Saturday, so I wasn’t too suprised'

Bark Social

4.6 from 198 reviews

Address 3720 Main St Suite E, Philadelphia, PA 19127

Phone Number +12672773230

Categories Dog park

"Very wonderful atmosphere 🩷 love the combination of dogs and drinks 🍸."
"Great place to take your dog, have a beer and snack, and then meet great people."

People typically spend 15 min to 1.5 hr here

 alt='Big Dog Run is a beloved spot for Philadelphia’s canine residents and their owners'

Big Dog Run

4.8 from 267 reviews

Address Philadelphia, PA 19103

Categories Dog park

"Big area, plenty of shade, many areas to sit, clean, has access to fresh water."
"The best part free parking no one gave me a ticket considering the location."

People typically spend up to 45 min here

 alt='On a bustling Saturday, we discovered the charming Pet Friendly Dog Bakery, a haven for dogs and their humans alike'

Pet Friendly Dog Bakery

4.9 from 123 reviews

Address 4324 Main St, Philadelphia, PA 19127

Phone Number +12154837387

Categories Pet supply store, Dog park, Pet store

"Great location, great space and great staff."
"Ordered a birthday cake and some dog treats for my dogs 5th birthday."

 alt='We only go here because of its close to our house. The park has cobble stone throughout with patches on dirt'

Palmer Doggie Depot

4.2 from 187 reviews

Address 37 E Palmer St, Philadelphia, PA 19125

Categories Dog park

"Has watering spot, trash bins to put doggie bags, space for dog to walk around."
"Dogs and owners are friendly and parking is great."

 alt='A clean, mid-size local dog park frequented by knowledgeable owners and very sweet pups. Bags are provided, but BYO water'

Lanier Dog Park

4.4 from 144 reviews

Address 2911 Tasker St, Philadelphia, PA 19145

Categories Dog park

"I like to run or walk around the path and listen to music or talk to a friend."
"The size is ok and I wish there was more seating for humans."

People typically spend up to 45 min here

 alt='This park requires membership with a yearly fee. My pup needs to run and play to get her energy out'

Roxborough Dog Park

4.1 from 93 reviews

Address 4117 Mitchell St, Philadelphia, PA 19128

Categories Dog park

"Awesome place to let the dogs run around."
"My pup enjoyed it too, lots of room to smell and explore."

 alt='My dog LOVES attending Pup Play Club. The workers are so friendly & everyday they send a report card following his visit'

Pup Play Club

5 from 9 reviews

Address 808 N Broad St, Philadelphia, PA 19130

Phone Number +12677870070

Categories Dog day care center, Dog park, Dog trainer, Dog walker, Pet boarding service, Pet groomer

"The grooming was expertly done, leaving my dog looking and smelling fantastic."
"The place is super clean and the staff is very attentive and detail oriented."

 alt='Lot of space for the dogs to walk around, it

Tucker Dog Park

4.4 from 14 reviews

Address N Water St &, Vine St, Philadelphia, PA 19106

Categories Dog park

"It’s like having a backyard for the fur kids!!"
"A wonderful place for dogs!"

 alt='Good little fenced in spot to let dogs loose for a quick play. There

Piazza Dog Park

4.3 from 44 reviews

Address 156 W Wildey St, Philadelphia, PA 19123

Categories Dog park

"A mixture of astro turf, rounded stones and benches."
"Great place for my pup"

 alt='Very safe place to take your dog to play with other dogs. I like that they have a space for big dogs and another one for'

Little Dog Run

5 from 32 reviews

Address Philadelphia, PA 19103

Categories Dog park

"I like that they have a space for big dogs and another one for small dogs."
"The space is well kept."

 alt='Awful. It’s only large enough for small dogs. It’s always over crowded (more than 15 dogs in that tiny space) and the'

Pops Dogs

4.3 from 29 reviews

Address 2101 E Hazzard St, Philadelphia, PA 19125

Categories Dog park

"This dog park was ruined by a bad neighbor across the street."
"Pops is a great place to bring your pup, not pop."

 alt='Always so clean and well maintained. Also a great place for me to get some action shots. '

Rob Stuart Memorial Dog Park

4.9 from 8 reviews

Address North 21st Street &, Winter St, Philadelphia, PA 19103

Categories Dog park

"Seems like people do a good job of cleaning up after their dog too."
"The grounds were well maintained."

 alt='Not much to it but what more could you ask for in our cramped little neighborhood'

Francisville Dog Park

4.4 from 11 reviews

Address 820 N 15th St, Philadelphia, PA 19130

Categories Dog park

"Spacious and with some friendly dogs and owners."
"A much appreciated escape for our dog."

 alt='Great park for expanding your syringe collection or if you are looking for an acceptable place to experience taking a dump'

Monk's Dog Run

3.9 from 34 reviews

Address 2899 E Allegheny Ave #2879, Philadelphia, PA 19134

Categories Dog park

"Large space for all friendly dogs and owners to use and enjoy."
"Perfect place for throwing a good game of fetch."

 alt='A bunch of pretentious **@*%# people go here. I arrived to the dog park unaware of it entry rules'

Green Street Dog Park

2.9 from 47 reviews

Address 1817 Green St, Philadelphia, PA 19130

Phone Number +12152367334

Categories Dog park

"Plenty of free dog parks with normal people in the city."
"It’s clean and the dogs and owners are very welcoming."

 alt='Just what you Need when traveling with your pet'

Pet Port (After Terminal E)

4 from 6 reviews

Address Philadelphia, PA 19153

Categories Dog park

The Barkyard

Address 5602 Pine St Side Entrance, Philadelphia, PA 19143

Phone Number +12678457400

Categories Dog park

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