People's Pets

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Address 5216 N 5th St, Philadelphia, PA 19120

Phone Number +12153779477

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"This place has more reptiles than anything."

"We went here to find bridesmaids gowns for my mothers wedding."

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Monday:11:00AM - 19:00PMTuesday:11:00AM - 19:00PMWednesday:11:00AM - 19:00PMThursday:11:00AM - 19:00PMFriday:11:00AM - 19:00PMSaturday:11:00AM - 19:00PMSunday:11:00AM - 17:00PM

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  • Small business

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Elizabeth stem

11 Jan 2024
Place was AWESOME!!! Staff was super friendly, knowledgeable n jus all around good people! Store was neat, clean n well stocked n kept.. All the animals there were all very well taken care of cages/ tanks/ terrariums all clean ,fresh water n food... definitely would recommend this place to anyone... OHHH also they had the biggest monitors n fresh water flowerhorn cichlids i think I've ever seen!!! Keep up the great work guys!!
tanya lee rodriguez

16 Sep 2022
I went to get something for my cat, and I was in a hurry. But when I got there I saw the most interesting reptiles. My dad loved it. We stayed an extra 10 min 🙂
Mo T

09 Aug 2023
Hidden Gem been there over 10 years the animals in there are so sick!!! A must check it out type of situation!!!

20 May 2022
This is no longer a dress store. It's a pet shop/store.
Chevel Lee

04 May 2024
Bought 2 beared dragons and they gave me rhe information to take care of them
Courtney Smith

03 May 2017
We went here to find bridesmaids gowns for my mothers wedding. I didn't know what to expect but once inside there was a really good selection of dresses. It's clean and the staff is really nice and welcoming. They even have plus sizes. I will definitely be using them again.

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