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Address 7043 Ridge Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19128

Phone Number +12154909766

Description "World Wide Aquarium & Pets provide pets, pet accessories, pet supplies, pet food, pet care, and more in Philadelphia, PA, and the surrounding area."


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"But I was able to get my puppy 2 beds and two beef sausages for 60 bucks."

"Great service only place i can purchase good price items."

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James Lawson

30 Oct 2023
At the speaking with the team here at World Wide Aquarium we were able to accomplish our aquarium needs and the tank is working flawlessly. Thank you very much we really appreciate all of you!! I only wished I lived near you instead of an hour and 30 minutes away Northern NJ.

10 Jan 2024
My favorite aquarium store. Good prices and they have a lot compared to the size of the store. It's great. Love the Cat too. She's been there for a WHILE! I've been going there for over 20 yrs now. Hey, if you guys are seeing this...definitely order WAY more minnows then what you have been lol. Stock comes in on Tues and gone by Tuesday night I feel like.

10 Nov 2022
Very kind and helpful staff. I did a lot of research before my purchase but they were experienced enough to fill the gaps in my knowledge. Great selection of supplies for reptiles and amphibians. I never asked, but it seems like they source their animals from reputable breeders and treat them well while they're for sale. My White's Tree Frogs, which I got as froglets, are now fully grown and have never had any health issues.
Ben Cliver

10 Nov 2021
It's a good pet shop. They have fresh water and African cichlids. Decent reptile room. No birds. Nice stock of foods and supplies. The staff are helpful and friendly.
Denise Witman

04 Apr 2024
Hometown pet store with plenty of pet goodies. From foods to baths to beds and carriers. I stopped by just to see the variety. They do have small pet foods for Chinchilla's, hamsters and guinea pigs, as well as a variety of fish for your aquarium and aquarium decorations. Friendly staff as well.
James Blizzard

09 Feb 2024
Before I purchased fish from here I had the healthiest tank ever. Brought 2 Oscars and feeder fish from here, 20 minutes later everything in my tank is dying.. I should of Know, while I was there I witnessed a humongous Oscar in a 10 gallon tank laying on his side suffering. The new lace smelled like hell. When I told the guy that he sold me sick fish from contaminated water, he said that’s not on us, but medicine. This place should be shut down permanently !! They don’t even deserve the one star I was forced to give them !😡

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