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Description "Visit your Philadelphia Pet Store located at 9717 Roosevelt Blvd for all of your animal nutrition, pet supplies and grooming needs. Our mission at Petco is Healthier Pets. Happier People."


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"The best part of shopping at this location is the people who work here."

"Very clean environment- huge variety of brands of foods, grain free, raw..."

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Sonia Garcia

30 Mar 2024
Well I was looking for air pumps for fish but it turned out to be a fountain pump I’m glad I went in the attendee was very knowledgeable about the differences
Djoulissa Dorce

25 Mar 2024
I am sooo furious and disappointed with the service that I received today. I took my baby chia there for a haircut and it turned out to be horrible they cut her hears but when I picked her they didn’t even mention it to me. They make my little Pomeranian looks like a skinless cat. I am very disappointed. For that reason I will never used or get any service at petco. I think they should hire professionals to groom the pets. I rather spend that 80$ on a small business groomer.

18 Mar 2024
Great Customer Service! My fiance and I visited the Petco store on Saturday and we were assisted by a very helpful store associate named Sherman in the aquarium department. We had various concerns about a specific process concerning our salt water tank. Sherman took the time to throughly explain a variety of remedies. Additionally, he graciously escorted us over to the recommended items needed and provided informative feedback pertaining to each of items. With this being mentioned, I can not say enough about the superior customer service that was provided by Sherman. He truly ensured that we understood the proceeding steps needed to help us further upkeep and enjoy our salt water tank and fish. Furthermore, we have expressed our deepest satisfaction regarding our pleasant experience to our neighbors who now plan to patronize this store also. We plan to keep shopping at this store as well. Great job!
Rose Adams

04 Mar 2024
We bought glofish and brought them home, followed the acclimation guide step by step, we put them in the tank (a tank we heavily researched before setting up) and leave the room for a bit to eat lunch when we returned half the glofish appeared to be dead, no reaction even to picking them up, we had to separate them too but still no reaction. If we knew they were going to die this fast we wouldn’t of gotten them. I’d give zero stars if I could.

07 Mar 2024
So last month I scheduled a grooming for my dog Joyce whom I got from a family member that's been bounced from 4 homes prior, she REALLY needed to be cleaned so I tried the Petco in Brooklawn NJ by my house they didn't have any afternoon so I decided to drive almost an hour to Petco in PA As I got there I explained I just got the dog and she needed a good wash, I left her with Matthew the groomer and went to chickAfilet I got a phone call from Matthew to asked me to come back something had happened When I got there he had cut to deep into my dog skin and she was bleeding He proceeded to tell me "oh it's nothing she's fine, so I called my cousin she told me not to leave until they took her to the hospital for her cut In the meanwhile Scott the supervisor came in and we drove to the doggy hospital I spent my whole Friday afternoon to this mess rather getting my dog groomed When I got home I realized Matthew didn't give me Joyce's collar so i called a couple of times and spoke with Scott to asked if they can send it by mail cause I was not about to make that hour drive just for that he reassured me he will send it and I'm yet to receive it Not only my experience was terrible but they can't keep their promises. I will never go back Scott I'm still waiting for her collar, I do reviews for a living let's see how long it'll take you until you send me her collar
Hepsiba Chettupalli

12 Feb 2024
I would like to specifically take the time to thank two employees, Illeana and Joewin for continuing to deliver optimal customer service to everyone I’ve witnessed. As a former employee, my most appalling experience was when two young gentlemen walked in with their Guinea Pig who had choked on something and they were frantic. They briefly asked for help with their “hamster” (English wasn’t their first language), and my former boss, Sherman Shackleford felt it was more important to sarcastically correct them and say “first of all, that’s a guinea pig.” In addition, he even stopped me from looking up any emergency hospitals near by to direct them. I understand that in this case, considering the fact that his “expertise” lies in retail, he couldn’t offer medical advice, however the fact that he needed to let his superiority complex shine over the the urgency of someone seeking help truly disturbed me. I wish I would’ve quit that instant and helped those gentleman instead. I sincerely hope their guinea pig is okay.

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