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Address 1946 S Christopher Columbus Blvd, Philadelphia, PA 19148

Phone Number +12153369000

Description We are a family owned business who caters to our community and beyond. We offer a full array of products and services for your pets and pride ourselves in giving our community low prices and exceptional customer service. We also offer Grooming services, self dog washes and curbside pick up . Ooen 7 days a week.


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"You can buy dog food and cat food cheaper on the petco site than here lol"

"Same day service, good price and the staff was very professional."

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Ewa Maselek

12 Feb 2024
The store has the most humane set up for Bettas I have ever seen. I am unsure why you sell these inhumane “tanks” for bettas. Bettas need minimum 3 gallons, filtration system and a heater. There is also an opportunity to make more money selling the right set up for these little guys.
l Currie

31 Jan 2023
I used to shop here for the fish department. The staff at the register for check out are usually good. There is usually plenty of staff (2-3) in the fish department, but they are usually huddled together. The last 2 visits the fish selections were plentiful but several tanks had dead or sick fish in them. This was a definite turn off. I did not want to risk contamination to my tank. I will say that over the year the department has went from bad to great and back to less then good. Not sure why there is lack of consistency but I will continue to check in because I have seen this location on it's better days and it is possible they will be great again. Last visited on Friday January 20th....I see that the store has replied and I can not find a way to respond I made an edit to my original review! Qudos to management for responding and looking into this. That is one of the reasons I will continue to patronage this location on better days! Went back to check out the fish department again. This time water was all over the floor and more dead fish. No improvements as of March 3rd. I wish them luck but I will not risk contaminating my tanks. *****UPDATE****** as of April 5th 2023 I am please to report massive improvements to the fish department. The tanks look fabulous and are full of healthy fish. The selection was plentiful with several fish of the same species as well as a variety of species. I mean if you wanted an Oscar you could pick from 10 plus Oscars or you could pick from 10 plus families of fish. Great job on the turn around! Absolutely happy with the progress.
MichaelArmyStrong Ryan

29 Dec 2021
The place I've been searching for. The perfect place to feed my fish keeping addiction. Chris was extremely helpful. He made sure I got my Military Discount. He is extremely knowledgeable on fish. The place is very clean and very well stocked. Wish I didn't take so long to revisit. I was blow away with the remodeling they have done. One of the best aquariums around. You will not be disappointed. There display tanks are incredibly as well. I highly recommend this place. Do not drive past if you are a fish keeper. Chris plus his soul into that place and it shows.
Latiffany Prince

11 Jan 2024
Associates were the most helpful! We got a new bunny and I felt like I was buying a new car. Hands down the best customer service. The actual pet store had a variety of exotic animals and supplies.
Jenny R

24 Jan 2024
It's a small pet store. I came here for the fish selection and the room was dark, there were hardly any fish and it just didn't look inviting. So that to me questions how healthy the fish are. And I understand the need for a security guard, but does he need to walk around the aisles looking at you?
joseph a lucarelli

09 Feb 2024
Love the pet wash bays. It was the fastest I have ever been able to wash my boy!

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