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 alt='This is a really nice, paved park. Plenty of parking and clean. However, in the past 3 times I’ve been here, there are'

Friends of Fluehr Park

4.7 from 73 reviews

Address 4800 Grant Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19114

Phone Number +12156375788

 alt='Place was AWESOME!!! Staff was super friendly, knowledgeable n jus all around good people'

People's Pets

4.5 from 44 reviews

Address 5216 N 5th St, Philadelphia, PA 19120

Phone Number +12153779477

 alt='Nice river walk along the Schuylkill River. We got on very near the Philadelphia Museum of Art and followed it down to the'

Schuylkill River Trail

4.7 from 62 reviews

Address Schuylkill River Trail, Philadelphia, PA 19103

Phone Number +12152226030

 alt='When my girl had pyometra back in 2020 they wasted no time and took her in for emergency surgery right away'

Compassion Veterinary Clinic

3.9 from 31 reviews

Address 9324 State Rd., Philadelphia, PA 19114

Phone Number +12156372902

 alt='It took me a while to find it but this small garden is beautiful, even off season. '

18th Century Garden

4.7 from 66 reviews

Address 339 Walnut St, Philadelphia, PA 19106

Phone Number +12159652305

 alt='Our dogs love going to Fairmount Bark to play with all of their friends'

Fairmount Bark

4.6 from 29 reviews

Address 7627 Germantown Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19118

Phone Number +18144073067

 alt='Our shiba has demanding standards for his nightly treat, and AOA always delivers'

Ac'cent On ANIMALS - 804 South Street

4.8 from 55 reviews

Address 804 South St, Philadelphia, PA 19147

Phone Number +12156258420

 alt='This is a small dog-friendly and family friendly park in the Bella Vista neighborhood of South Philly'

Cianfrani Park

4.6 from 44 reviews

Address 721 S 8th St, Philadelphia, PA 19147

 alt='Visited this park with our dog when the cherry blossoms were in bloom'

Disston Park

3.9 from 96 reviews

Address 6711 Keystone St, Philadelphia, PA 19135

Phone Number +12156858750

 alt='If I could give no stars, I would. I called to schedule an appointment on yesterday and was given an appointment time for 9'

Tia Nat Pet Care - Bath and Grooming

4.3 from 6 reviews

Address 7142 Rupert St, Philadelphia, PA 19149

Phone Number +12673449103


Lovett Park

4.6 from 23 reviews

Address 6945 Germantown Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19119

 alt='Handball park!!!! Great players here!'

Jose Manuel Collazo Park

4.5 from 69 reviews

Address Philadelphia, PA 19133

 alt='I have been trusting Pooch Schoochers with the two most important things in my life for the last two years. . . '

Manayunk Pooch Scoochers

4.9 from 37 reviews

Address 571 Jamestown Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19128

Phone Number +16465102902

 alt='My pup and I give Scallywags 5 stars. From the start, they have been supportive and accommodating'

Scallywags Dog Daycare

4.9 from 40 reviews

Address 4367 Cresson St, Philadelphia, PA 19127

Phone Number +12159362656

 alt='I used Monster Minders while working in Philly for several months and they were absolutely wonderful'

The Monster Minders Dog Walking & Pet Sitting

4.7 from 34 reviews

Address 916 League St, Philadelphia, PA 19147

Phone Number +12159251119

 alt='We have been using Four Paws for our puppy

Four Paws Dog Walking

4.7 from 12 reviews

Address 315 New St, Philadelphia, PA 19106

Phone Number +16095001175

 alt='I really like this park. I used to take my GD here when she was 4, now she is 10. So now I take my GS who is 3'

Inn Yard Park

4.5 from 54 reviews

Address 4208-52 Ridge Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19129

 alt='Small, quaint cute little area. It’s not really a park but more of a take a break spot'

Ned Wolf Park

4.6 from 53 reviews

Address 7018 McCallum St, Philadelphia, PA 19119

Phone Number +12152485533

 alt='Good park. The city has allocated no resources, keep your eyes out and a hand on your gun. '

Tacony Creek Park, I St and Ramona Ave Gateway

4.3 from 51 reviews

Address 4528 I St, Philadelphia, PA 19124

 alt='Amazon hair is a great product and it has been very helpful for me'

Greene Street Animal Care

4.4 from 64 reviews

Address 5523 Greene St, Philadelphia, PA 19144

Phone Number +12158490117

 alt='The playground was clean and fun. Kids loved it. Bathrooms were closed. Plenty of street parking. '

Woodside Park

4.5 from 51 reviews

Address 3910-18 Conshohocken Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19131

 alt='Walk This Way is a great company with amazing staff! They are very accommodating'

Walk This Way LLC

5 from 8 reviews

Address 4312 Main St, Philadelphia, PA 19127

Phone Number +12157603148

 alt='The Towne Barker is awesome! The owner truly loves dogs and takes great care of all who spend time with him'

The Towne Barker

4.5 from 42 reviews

Address 700 E Girard Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19125

Phone Number +12677772003

 alt='Emily fit my cat Betty in for nail trimming today - first time because our vet didn

Happy Tails Grooming

4.4 from 99 reviews

Address 1901 Grant Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19115

Phone Number +12154641133

 alt='We recently had the pleasure of visiting Columbus Park for the first time, and it left quite an impression on us'

Columbus Square Park

4.6 from 86 reviews

Address 1100 Wharton St, Philadelphia, PA 19147

Phone Number +12156851890

 alt='The Fairmount Fish Ladder is an ecological marvel situated on the Schuylkill River’s west side at the Fairmount Dam'

Fairmount Fish Ladder

4.6 from 65 reviews

Address Schuylkill River Trl, Philadelphia, PA 19131

 alt='On your website there is mostly cats if your cat person this app is for you I

Society For Prevention-Cruelty

4.6 from 32 reviews

Address 350 E Erie Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19134

Phone Number +12154266301

 alt='One of our favorite strolling and dog-walking spots at the Navy Yard. The central green is bordered by native plants'

League Island Park

4.6 from 52 reviews

Address 1101 Kitty Hawk Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19112

 alt='The Philly Canine Social Club and Jeremy are amazing! The first day I was incredibly nervous about dropping my dog, Lando,'

Philly Canine Social Club

5 from 6 reviews

Address 1713 S 12th St, Philadelphia, PA 19148

Phone Number +12672252956


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